Press & Speaking

Adele Tevlin has been a sought after speaker for over 10 years

Adele enjoys speaking to companies, organizations and groups that are interested in the overall benefits of health and wellness towards positive change. Whether discussing strategies to improve the overall health and performance of employees or speaking to the needs of a specific group of people, Adele tailors her topics to the needs of the audience.

Ben Mulroney & Adele Tevlin

Adele Tevlin is a Celebrated Speaker in the Media


Adele has had numerous television appearances. She has a passion for speaking to live audiences and is incredible at finding creative ways to ignite micro-transformations within short time frames.

From Television to Radio, Adele Loves Spreading Tips & Insights!

Adele’s perspective on wellness, weight loss and achieving one’s career goals dovetail with ease.  Having Adele as your keynote speaker, corporate wellness program trainer or as your private exclusive Cognitive Behavior Therapist for weight loss is something you’ll be delighted with!