Kind Words


Adele's Story

“Adele is bright, enthusiastic and practices what she preaches.”

Dr. Natasha Turner ND, Clear Medicine

“Having worked with Adele for 15 months, I can attest to her ability to marry fitness, nutrition & alternative techniques into a comprehensive outlook towards her patients’ health. She is a delight!”

Mark McMahon, BMO Asset Management

“I have been working with Adele for 8 months and have been amazed at the progress that I have made. Not only have I lost over 60 pounds, but I have changed my mental outlook about food and eating.  It has been liberating.”

Carol Foley

“Adele is a true magician. In all my years of struggling with my weight, never have I met a weight loss coach as effective as Adele.”

Adele taught me a healthy and reasonable approach to eating that I actually absorbed without much effort.  Adele’s plan is fluid and tailored specifically to me, and throughout this journey I never felt hungry or deprived. Adele’s plan is truly a lifestyle change and this is the first time I feel confident about bring able to keep the weight off despite dozens of failures in the past.  Besides being a caring and patient person, Adele is tremendously knowledgeable and I trust her intuition as well.  I am grateful to Adele and know that she can help anyone to become a healthy, happy and fit person.

Sharon Rotzang

“I only started to work out in my late 40s. Adele taught me so much about fitness and nutrition. Her approach is very holistic. At age 50, after a couple of years of working with Adele, I was fitter and healthier than I had been in my entire life.”

Doris Stamml, Ernst & Young LLP

“Adele’s encouragement and support was critical to my success.”

Over my 20 year career as a lawyer, the slow gain of a pound or two a year finally caught up with me. As I approached my mid 40s, I wanted to enter the next phase of my life in better health and with more energy. With Adele’s coaching and nutritional guidance I exceeded my health and fitness goals. My weight loss totaled 80lbs, my overall cardiovascular risk was reduced and my fitness level is now above average for my age group. In addition, I have been able to pursue an active squash program without strain or injury.

Peter F. Yaniszewski, Partner McCague Borlack LLP

“I would highly recommend Adele and have done so to many of my friends and colleagues.”

Working with Adele has been a very positive experience and has changed the way that I am living my life. In addition to having lost 30 pounds I have learned how to better manage my food intake to achieve a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. Adele is always there for me. She not only provides the much needed education and guidance but more importantly, is always positive and encouraging, and is fully engaged in my journey. As a result, I have always felt that anything is possible and have accomplished what I thought a few months ago impossible.

Christine Ring, director osfi

“Adele is truly interested in each person she works with which makes the experience more enjoyable and successful!”

Micheline Gravelle, Partner, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Immunology)