How we help you change your lifestyle for good

Weigh Loss Program in Toronto, by Adele WellnessMaking sustainable change around your health and wellbeing is tough, especially for busy professionals.

Whether you’re looking to better understand your individual nutritional needs, for a breakthrough in getting off the yoyo diet train, or to finally understand why you make the decisions you make around your health, you’ll find the answer in our programs.

Our Client’s Profile

  • Busy professionals, working 40-80 hours per week (50/50 men and women)

  • Dealing with work activities after work

  • Having family matters to take care of

  • Have a busy social life

  • High stress jobs

Our Programs



Weight Loss & Lifestyle
Management Coaching

We designed this program specifically for the kinds of people who live and work in the downtown core – Toronto’s busy professionals. Our program combines a solid baseline of customized nutrition and supplementation with CBT to identify the habits that are inconsistent with your weight loss goals, and form new habits.


  • 1 hour initial session
  • 3 months, 6 months or 1 year option
  • Tools for Success Booklet
  • Coaching & strategy plans for events or travels
  • Some CBT tools

Weight Loss
Maintenance Program

Once you reach your weight loss goals, your body and mind both need to understand what’s involved in managing and maintaining this new lifestyle. In this program, we continue to develop strategies to counteract circumstances that could hinder your efforts. Maintenance is the most important piece of the puzzle!


  • 1 hour initial session
  • 30 min follow-up sessions every 2-3 weeks
  • Tools for Success Booklet
  • Weekly guidance for accountability
  • Track results and progress

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a stand alone

Most of the clients who come through our programs deal with stress, anxiety, worry or even depression. CBT sessions allow you to manage these while your weekly homework builds awareness around and empowers you to manage your symptoms long term. The tools you gain in this program will last a lifetime!


  • One-on-one sessions, in person or virtually
  • 8 week package
  • 45-50 minute sessions
  • Worksheets to practice at home and at work
  • Assessment of stress level over time

What do People Say about Working with Adele? 

“I would highly recommend Adele and have done so to many of my friends and colleagues.”

Working with Adele has been a very positive experience and has changed the way that I am living my life. In addition to having lost 30 pounds I have learned how to better manage my food intake to achieve a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. Adele is always there for me. She not only provides the much needed education and guidance but more importantly, is always positive and encouraging, and is fully engaged in my journey. As a result, I have always felt that anything is possible and have accomplished what I thought a few months ago impossible.


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