“Success in health begins when we bridge the gap between our thoughts and actions.”

The sole reason Adele Wellness exists is to empower people around their health and well being. In everything we do, we help people to sustainably change unwanted habits, beliefs and behaviours; to reduce stress & anxiety; and to create balanced ways of living.

Adele loves connecting with people individually and in groups and is an incredibly impactful speaker. People who attend her talks or workshops consistently say they leave the session with more clarity in an area of life in which they were stopped, new openings for actions where there were none, and real value that they can take and implement in their day-to-day life.

“Adele teaches, providing valuable coping strategies and I have had a few “aha” moments already in learning how to put things into perspective, when practicing these coping strategies, and the result is that I often feel less anxiety/worry/shame.”



Press & Speaking

Adele enjoys speaking to companies, organizations and groups that are interested in the overall benefits of health and wellness towards positive change. Whether discussing strategies to improve the overall health and performance of employees or speaking to the needs of a specific group of people, Adele tailors her topics to the needs of the audience.

Adele’s approach is described as conversational and relatable and she is equally comfortable speaking in front of large groups or more intimate audiences. What makes her talks unique:

1. She tailors her topics to the specific needs of her audience.
2. Adele provides concrete guidance and specific actions that individuals can put into practice immediately to see change/results.
3. Adele has a science background and draws on this to support her approach to health and wellness.

Here are some recent topics that Adele has spoken about:
Your Brain On Food: the impact of sugar on the brain and behaviour
How To Be Healthy With A Busy Schedule
Trigger Foods and Times of Day; our conditioned response to food
The Truth About Nutrition Myths

“Adele’s bold and informative presentation style leave you with three words on your mind: “I want more.”



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