Corporate Wellness Program

Health is an investment, not an expense

“According to Corporate Wellness Magazine, every $1 invested in employee wellness programs yields roughly $4 in savings through reduced sick days, higher productivity and decreased overall health costs.” 

– Forbes Magazine


Healthy Employees Mean
Healthy Businesses

At Adele Wellness, we believe that wellness is not a privilege, it’s actually the foundation of any successful business. We work with industry leaders, executives and human resources departments to impact productivity and profits using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to sustainably change unwanted habits, beliefs and behaviours.

Study after study shows that healthy employees are more productive, and that wellness programs increase employee retention rate while decreasing absenteeism. Happy employees mean happy customers, and happy customers mean increased revenue and profitability. When you invest in the happiness of your employees, your employees will be invested in the happiness of your customers.

corporate wellness program by Adele Wellness


Articles related to CBT and Wellness Program as tools in the workplace:

Lawyers and Anxiety: Three Case Studies” – by The Canadian Bar Association

“Profits of Wellness: Turning the high cost of poor health habits into healthy returns” .- by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada

“Three reasons why your company needs a wellness program” – by Dr. Vivien Brown, VP Medical Affairs at Medysis

“What’s the hard return on Employee Wellness Programs” – by Leonard L. BerryAnn M. MirabitoWilliam B. Baun at Harvard Business Review


What Are We Contributing to Your Employees?


Corporate Wellness Program by Adele WellnessTypically, wellness lunch and learns involve a speaker that comes in for an hour while employees have lunch provided by the company. While this is fine, it rarely translates into change. What we do is help companies turn information into action for the long-run.

We are working with Top firms in downtown Toronto, such as Goodmans LLP, to improve the quality of life of their employee by giving them tools to cope with anxiety, increase their productivity, support mental health of their family and themselves and create a whole new supportive culture.  


What You Can Expect

We’ve honed our education series to topics that are directly impacting the challenges we’ve seen with top executives we’ve worked with:

  • Stigma: Debunking some myths about mental health
  • Eating to Increase Productivity and Effectiveness
  • Nutrition & Efficiency: Foods that Impact Cognition and Clarity
  • Parents sessions for teens & new borns
  • CBT for Stress and Anxiety
  • How to lead your staff effectively to increase productivity
  • and more…

We work with your HR Department or Learning Development Strategist to understand your companies priorities in terms of mental health, nutrition and wellbeing. After our initial assessment we will create a customize program outline with topics customized topics to your needs. 


Our Options for your Customized Package Includes:

  • Half-day workshops (3 hours)
  • Customized breakout sessions (1 hour)
  • Nutrition seminars (1 hour)
  • In-house nutritionist (30-min individual sessions)
  • Workshops at your retreat or conference

Ready to incite REAL change at your workplace?