Corporate Wellness Program


Our results speak by themselves

We work with banks, law and accounting firms, many of them are part of the Seven Sisters, in downtown Toronto to increase focus at work, increase resilience and promote leadership using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to sustainably change unwanted habits, beliefs and behaviours.

  • 80% of participants said what they learn in the workshops made a difference in reducing their stress level.

  • 78% of the participants said the content of the workshop was relevant to their professional and personal life, and their mental health.


corporate wellness program by Adele Wellness


“According to Corporate Wellness Magazine, every $1 invested in employee wellness programs yields roughly $4 in savings through reduced sick days, higher productivity and decreased overall health costs.” 

– Forbes Magazine


One approach that has proved particularly useful for dealing with anxiety is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). 

– The Canadian Bar Association

Our CBT Curriculum

No more one-off Lunch & Learn that doesn’t translate into long-term behavioral change.

We’ve honed our curriculum topics to directly impact the challenges we’ve seen with top executives we’ve worked with:

Corporate Wellness Program by Adele Wellness

  1. Basic skills of CBT for your professional and personal life

  2. Coping mechanisms to deal with stressful situations

  3. How to free yourself from anxiety and worry

  4. Tools and structures for powerful conversations

  5. Practicing powerful conversations at work and at home

  6. Goal settings and objectives

Also offered for Corporations…

  • Full day workshop (10am to 4pm)

  • One-on-one CBT coaching for Executives


Ready to incite LASTING changes at your workplace?